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What makes website designs great?

I can not exaggerate how many times I have seen this question thrown around in the web design world. It is one I personally asked when first starting designing. It certainly is not something for anyone really to be ashamed of asking, as it is a very relevant question. Lets be honest, who wants a website design that is not up to standard?

Similar to the handwriting of a person, each designer you will find has a different style of working. Finding the right one however can sometimes prove to be a difficult task.


Some important questions you can ask when designing a website

How will the website design reflect my company/organization?

I want you to think of your website as a mirror of your business/organization, I do mean this figuratively of course. What exactly do I mean by this you may ask? Well, your website should provide to your visitors (potential clients) a similar level of security and interest as they would, if they had personally entered your establishment. Graphics should also be relative to what you are offering. It makes not sense displaying cars if you only sell trucks. These simple aspects of a site can be the difference maker when attracting new clients.

Will the website design be user-friendly?

Nothing can be more annoying than visiting a website to only find it difficult to navigate, read, and view it’s contents. I will not sugar coat it; you can have the secret recipe for the chicken fried in Kentucky on your website, but I promise you that if the navigation is not set properly, it is possible for this valuable information to go unseen.
The text that appear on the website should also be taken into consideration. Text should be shown as clearly as possible to the reader. Colour and size play a big part in achieving this. In some instances, a visitor tool is even implemented, giving the visitor the option of changing the size of the website’s font to their reading preferences. A user-friendly website accommodates a happy visitor (potential client).

How will the planned website improve my business/organization?

Good representation is a great ally to have any any business situation. That is the one job that any website should be performing effectively. Being a representative of your business/organization, a website should certainly increase the amount of exposure that your business/organization receives.The website should have any important information about your business/organization highlighted. Properly informing your clients can build a budding relationship that may prove very beneficial in the future.
An individual that visits your website can be very informed about who you are and what you do, but how do they now contact you? I cannot stress how important contact information is for any business/organization. Without such info, give your client only one more option…leave your website disappointed!

If I decide in the future to hire a web designer other than yourself, will I have full access to my files?

Always ask this question clients! This question is not a typical one you would think to ask at the initial phase of designing your website. This does not mean that it should not be asked.
You have your website design completed and hosting provided by one designer. Some time passes and you want to use another designer to further improve your website. You would think this would be a basic entitlement right? Lo and behold, you find your previous designer is claiming ownership over your files and domain. Your website is being held hostage!

Scores of clients have shared a similar experience with me in the past, and unfortunately I can’t say that I have heard the last. They explain in detail their story when faced with the situation of changing designers. Some explain that they had to resort to starting from scratch; even as far as purchasing a completely new domain name. A shame I cry.
BahamaSolutions eliminates ANY possibility of something like this occurring to its clients. All hosting and domain name registration is and remains in the name of the client; full ownership no strings attached.